Flying. A Special Celebration Of Roger Meddows-Taylor

Tonight the Flying show concentrated entirely on the celebration of Mr Roger Meddows-Taylor who had his 60th birthday this day. He was and is the drummer of the very famous rock band Queen. I played songs by him both as a member of Queen, but also as a solo artist and a member of another rock band called The Cross.

He started in the early sixties as a drummer in other bands before he responsed to an advert made by Brian May to create a new rock band. They became close friends and started as a band called Smile with a singer and bass player called Tim Staffel. They released a single in the US without any success. Tim Staffell left the band short after and was replaced by Freddie Mercury. He decided to call the new band Queen. They looked for a bass player and found Mr John Deacon. The rest is music history.

Roger Taylor wrote music, too. But he contributed only with one or two songs on every album released in the 70th and the 80th. He even sang his own songs then. But in the 80th the songs he wrote was sang by Freddie Mercury. Among them are Radio Ga Ga, A Kind Of Magic, The Invisible Man and These Are The Days Of My Life.

Roger Taylor started to release solo albums in the 80th and in the 90th. He also created a new band called The Cross which released three albums before they were split up in 1993.

Today Roger Taylor is performing with Brain May and Paul Rodgers as Queen + Paul Rodgers. They released a new studio album in 2008 called Cosmos Rocks. And they are giving concert with new and old Queen songs.

I had company tonight by Tom Gyllham, a young guy who has his own radio show here at Radio Eskilstuna. He is only 20 years old, but is a great fan of Queen. He even went to London last year to hear and see them at The Wembley Arena. Thank you very much Tom for your participation tonight. It was great to have you here.

Next week there will be an ordinary Flying program at Radio Eskilstuna with songs from the years -60, -70, -80, -90 and 00.

Kenneth Thörnfeldt, Flying

Radio Eskilstuna 92.7


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