Flying. A Special Celebration Of Roger Meddows-Taylor

Tonight the Flying show concentrated entirely on the celebration of Mr Roger Meddows-Taylor who had his 60th birthday this day. He was and is the drummer of the very famous rock band Queen. I played songs by him both as a member of Queen, but also as a solo artist and a member of another rock band called The Cross.

He started in the early sixties as a drummer in other bands before he responsed to an advert made by Brian May to create a new rock band. They became close friends and started as a band called Smile with a singer and bass player called Tim Staffel. They released a single in the US without any success. Tim Staffell left the band short after and was replaced by Freddie Mercury. He decided to call the new band Queen. They looked for a bass player and found Mr John Deacon. The rest is music history.

Roger Taylor wrote music, too. But he contributed only with one or two songs on every album released in the 70th and the 80th. He even sang his own songs then. But in the 80th the songs he wrote was sang by Freddie Mercury. Among them are Radio Ga Ga, A Kind Of Magic, The Invisible Man and These Are The Days Of My Life.

Roger Taylor started to release solo albums in the 80th and in the 90th. He also created a new band called The Cross which released three albums before they were split up in 1993.

Today Roger Taylor is performing with Brain May and Paul Rodgers as Queen + Paul Rodgers. They released a new studio album in 2008 called Cosmos Rocks. And they are giving concert with new and old Queen songs.

I had company tonight by Tom Gyllham, a young guy who has his own radio show here at Radio Eskilstuna. He is only 20 years old, but is a great fan of Queen. He even went to London last year to hear and see them at The Wembley Arena. Thank you very much Tom for your participation tonight. It was great to have you here.

Next week there will be an ordinary Flying program at Radio Eskilstuna with songs from the years -60, -70, -80, -90 and 00.

Kenneth Thörnfeldt, Flying

Radio Eskilstuna 92.7

Tracks From Flying 2009-07-26 Celebration of Roger Meddows-Taylor

1. Modern Times Rock’n’Roll – Queen -73 – Queen

2. The Loser In The End – Queen II -74 – Queen

3. Tenement Funster – Sheer Heart Attack -74 – Queen

4. I’m In Love With My Car – A Night At The Opera -75 – Queen

5. Drowse – A Day At The Races -76 – Queen

6. Sheer Heart Attack – News Of The World -77 – Queen

7. Fight From The Inside – News Of The World -77 – Queen

8. Fun It – Jazz -78 – Queen

9. More Of That Jazz – Jazz -78 – Queen

10. Rock It (Prime Jive) – The Game -80 – Queen

11. Future Management – Fun In Space -81 – Roger Taylor

12. Man On Fire – Strange Frontier – 84 – Roger Taylor

13. It’s An Illusion – Strange Frontier -84 – Roger Taylor

14. Touch The Sky – Happiness? – 94 – Roger Taylor

15. Dear Mr Murdoch – Happiness? – Roger Taylor

16. New Dark Agees – Blue Rock -91 – The Cross

17. Surrender – Electric Fire -98 – Roger Taylor

18. Believe In Yourself – Electric Fire -98 – Roger Taylor

19. Tonight – Electric Fire -98 – Roger Taylor

20. Say It’s Not True – Cosmos Rocks -08 – Queen + Paul Rodgers

21. C-lebrity – Cosmos Rocks -08 – Queen + Paul Rodgers

22. The Key – Happiness? -94 – Roger Taylor

23. Small – Cosmos Rocks -08 – Queen + Paul Rodgers

Flying LXX 1980, 1990 and 2000 19/7 -09 Program 2

Tonight I started to celebrate Mr Brian May, the famous guitarist from Queen. He had his 62nd birthday today. Therefore I played two songs from his first solo album called Back In The Light, released in 1992. I played the title track and a song called ”The Dark”.

Last Sunday I went to see Benny Andersson and his Orchestra. That was why there were no Flying. It was a great show. The singers in BAO is Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg. They performed new songs of course. But they also played five old ABBA songs, ”Gimme, Gimme, Gimme”, ”Ring Ring”, ”Hasta Manãna”, ”Why Did It Have To Be Me” and ”I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do”. BAO also played a new song written by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaues called ”Sommaren Du Fick”. I played that one tonight. I also played a song by The Rivals, which is the staff working at the Hotel Rival in Stockholm, owned by Benny Andersson.

Paul McCartney played songs recorded in a studio. But also some songs from his world tour 1989. One of those songs, ”Mull Of Kintyre” was performed in Glasgow in front of an enthusiastic audience. Another song he did live was the first single by The Beatles. He mixed the songs ”Love Me Do” and ”P.S. I Love You” to ”P.S. Love Me Do”.

The wives to the former member of The Beatles, Linda McCartney, Yoko Ono, Olivia Harrison and Barbara Bach foundraised money to the children living on the streets in Romania in 1990. They released an album called Nobody’s Child, a Romanian Angel Appeal. On that album many artist performed their songs. I played tracks from that album tonight with Traveling Wilburys, Eric Clapton, Paul Simon/George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The songs that Eric Clapton played was written by George Harrison.

Traveling Wilburys released an album in 1990 called Volume 3. It was their second and last album. (There was no Volume 2). Roy Orbison died shortly after the realese of the first album, so there were only four members left. The members were Spike, Muddy, Clayton and Boo Wilbury. But of course their real were names George Harrison, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and Bob Dylan. I played four songs by this group tonight.

Graham Gouldman, the former member of 10cc released his second solo album in the year 2000. I played four songs from that album called And Another Thing.

Finally I played three tracks from the album Bikini by Wax. That group had two members. Andrew Gold from the USA and Graham Gouldman from England, and was earlier a member of 10cc as you know by now.

Next Sunday Flying will be a special program. I’m going to celebrate Mr Roger Taylor from Queen. He will be 60 years old on July 26. And I will be joined by Tom Gyllham, a guy that has his own program on Radio Eskilstuna every Thursday. He knows a lot about Roger Taylor and Queen. He also went to London last autumn to see Queen + Paul Rodgers. So I hope you will stay tuned.

Kenneth Thörnfeldt/Flying

Radio Eskilstuna 92.7

Tracks From Flying 2009-07-19 1980, 1990, 2000 Program2

1. Back To The Light – Brian May -92

2. Sommaren Du Fick – BAO/Helen Sjöholm -09

3. It’s Now Or Never – Paul McCartney -90

4. She’s My Baby – Traveling Wilburys -90

5. You Stole My Love – Graham Gouldman -00

6. Homeward Bound (live) – Paul Simon/George Harrison -90

7. Lunch Box/Odd Sox – Paul McCartney -80

8. Rock My World – Wax -00

9. Free Now – Paul McCartney/The Beatles/Super Furry Animals -00

10. All My Trials (live) – Paul McCartney -90

11. Maybe Baby – Paul McCartney -00

12. P.S Love Me Do (live) – Paul McCartney -90

13. The Dark – Brian May -92

14. Walking With Angels – Graham Gouldman -00

15. That Kind Of Woman – Eric Clapton -90

16. Lazybones – Wax -00

17. Mull Of Kintyre (live) – Paul McCartney -90

18. Dancing Days – Graham Gouldman -00

19. Nobody’s Child – Traveling Wilburys -90

20. The Lie – Wax -00

21. Inside Out – Traveling Wilburys -90

22. 2nd Best To None – The Rivals -09

23. If You Belonged To Me – Traveling Wilburys -90

24. Just Another Day – Graham Gouldman -00

25. With A Little Help From My Friends (live) – Ringo Starr And His All Starr Band -90

Flying LXIX 1960, 1969 and 1970 5/7 -09 Program 1

Today we started Flying by celebrating one of the still living members of The Beatles, Mr Richard Starkey. Better known as Ringo Starr. He will be 69 years old on Tuesday the 7th of July. He was the oldest member in that very famous rock band from Liverpool, Great Britain. He released two albums in 1970. The first called Sentimental Journey, was an album with old standards. And the second called Beaucoups of Blues, was an album with country and western songs. I played two tracks from each of those albums.

I also played songs from the albums released by John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison this year. They were all very busy producing solo albums after the break up of The Beatles.

When I started this program series in January 2008 I began with the year 1970. And now I’m back there. But I will play songs from 1980, 1990 and 2000 in the next show. So some of the albums I played songs from tonight have been on the show before. But the tracks I played has not been played before.

Björn Ulvaeus & Benny Andersson, later the male members of ABBA, released their first single and album in 1970 together. One song, ”She’s My Kind Of Girl”, went to be a smash hit in Japan. And this was two years before ABBA became a recording group.

I also played songs with Frida and Agnetha, the female singers of ABBA. In 1969 Anni-Frid met Benny Andersson. They became a couple already then. And Benny wrote a song for her together with Björn called ”Peter Pan”. That was an embryo to ABBA. And the rest of the songs from the solo carrier of Anni-Frid before ABBA was produced by Benny.

Creedence Clearwater Revival released two albums in 1970. Cosmos’ Factory and Pendulum. I plyaed two songs from each of those albums tonight. After Pendulum Creedence became a trio as Tom Fogerty left the group.

Hotlegs was also an embryo to something that would come later on. In this case 10cc. Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme was the members of Hotlegs. Graham Gouldman was in the US producing music on a contract for a recording company during this time. It only came out one album with Hotlegs. It was called Thinks: School Stinks. I played two songs from that album tonight.

Finally I played a track with Syd Barrett, the founder of the group The Pink Floyd. He was sacked out of that group in 1968 when he became to have serious drug problems together with mentally illness. But in 1969 he went into the studio to make his first solo album. That album was released early in January 1970 and was called The Madcap Laughs. I played the opening track from that album tonight.

Next week there will be no Flying as I will visit a concert. I will hear and see Mr Benny Andersson and his orchestra. It will be very nice, I think. But in two weeks I will be back.

Kenneth Thörnfeldt, Flying

Radio Eskilstuna 92.7

Tracks From Flying 2009-07-05 1960, 1969, 1970 Program 1

1. Night And Day – Ringo Starr -70

2. She’s My Kind Of Girl – Björn & Benny -70

3. Hallelujah, I Love Her So – The Beatles -60

4. Ramble Tamble – Creedence Clearwater Revival -70

5. How Many Times – Hotlegs (10cc) -70

6. Försök Och Sov På Saken – Anni-Frid Lyngstad -69

7. Som Ett Eko – Agnetha Fältskog -70

8. Alan’s Phychedelic Breakfast – Pink Floyd -70

9. The Lovely Linda – Paul McCartney -70

10. Well, Well, Well – John Lennon -70

11. Behind That Locked Door – George Harrison -70

12. Terrapin – Syd Barrett -70

13. Love Don’t Last Long – Ringo Starr -70

14. Pagan Baby – Creedence Clearwater Revival -70

15. For You Love – The Beatles -70

16. Peter Pan – Anni-Frid Lyngstad -69

17. You’ll Be Mine – The Beatles -60

18. Inga Theme – Björn & Benny -70

19. Before You Accuse Me – Creedence Clearwater Revival -70

20. Desperate Dan – Hotlegs (10cc)-70

21. Du Betonar Kärlek Lite Fel – Anni-Frid Lyngstad -69

22. One After 909 – The Beatles -70

23. När Jag Var Fem – Agnetha Fältskog -70

24. Sailor’s Lament – Creedence Clearwater Revival -70

25. Whispering Grass – Ringo Starr -70