Flying LXIV 1988, 1998 and 2008 31/5 -09 Program 2

Tonight I played many songs with Brian Wilson, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney. The reason is that they released albums the years I was concentrating on.

I started with the opening track from the latest album by Ringo Starr, released last year. The song ”Liverpool 8” is a nostalgic song about his childhood and how he met John, Paul and George and got famous. I also played som tracks from his album ”Vertical man”, released in 1998.

Brian Wilson released his first album as a solo artist in 1988. That was after he had recovered from his mentally illness. He proved that he could still create and perform excellent music. His next album came out ten years later and was even better. And last year in 2008 he released his latest album. Not so good as the earlier ones. But still very good. I played tracks from all these three albums tonight.

Paul McCartney has been very busy doing many different things as an artist during the last decades. He has released albums in his own name, in disguise as The Fireman, and he has guested other artists albums. Tonight I played examples from all the named categories.

Linda McCartney died from breast cancer in 1998. The same year Paul McCartney released an album with her with tracks she had recorded during the years with Paul, but hadn’t been released before. So to honour his late wife, Paul issued this album. I played the titel track tonight, ”Wide Praire”.

George Harrison started Traveling Wilburys together with his friends Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty and Roy Orbison. They released their first album in 1988. Tradically Roy Orbison died soon after that. But they made a second album two years later as a quartet. Tonight I played two songs from the album ”Volume 1”.

In 1998 a movie in the IMAX format was made on some people climbing up the Mont Everest. A soundtrack was made. And on that soundtrack they put on some nice covers of songs by George Harrison. I played the opening track from that album tonight.

Graham Gouldman is the only original member of 10cc still touring and playing the old favourites. Tonight I played two songs recorded last year in London. On one of those tracks another original member of 10cc was on, Kevin Godley.

Kevin Godley and Lol Creme left 10cc in 1976 to make albums in their own names. In 1988 they released the last album called ”Goodbye Blue Sky”. I played two tracks from that album tonight.

Yoko Ono released a box with John Lennon songs in 1998. Both songs he had released earlier, and songs that hadn’t been released before. Tonight I played two songs he gave away to other artist. The first one, ”God Save Oz” he gave to Bill Elliott, and the second one, ”I’m The Greatest” he gave to Ringo Starr.

No songs by ABBA, Queen or Creedence Clearwater Revival was played tonight. But next Sunday I will play songs by all the artist that I have in the galleri which is in my radio show called Flying.

Kenneth Thörnfeldt


Radio Eskilstuna 92.7

Tracks From Flying 2009-05-31 1988, 1998, 2008 Program 2

1. Liverpool 8 – Ringo Starr -08

2. Love And  Mercy – Brian Wilson -88

3. A Room With A View – Paul McCartney -98

4. Handle With Care – Traveling Wilburys -88

5. That Lucky Old Sun/Morning Beat/Room With A View – Brian Wilson – 08

6. The Journey Begins – Everest, IMAX Soundtrack -98

7. Watercolour Guitars – The Fireman/Paul McCartney -98

8. Wide Praire – Linda McCartney/Paul McCartney -98

9. Old Wild Men – 10cc/Graham Gouldman/Kevin Godley -08

10. H.E.A.V.E.N. – Godley & Creme -88

11. Kansas City – Paul McCartney -88

12. One – Ringo Starr -98

13. Your Imagination – Brian Wilson -98

14. God Save Oz – John Lennon -98 (1971)

15. Think About You – Ringo Starr -08

16. Walkin’ The Line – Brian Wilson -88

17. Dirty World – Traveling Wilburys -88

18. Good Kind Of Love/Forever She’ll Be My Surfer Girl/Venice Beach – Brian Wilson -08

19. The Wall Street Shuffle – 10cc/Graham Gouldman -08

20. Little Piece Of Heaven – Godley & Creme -88

21. Twenty Flight Rock – Paul McCartney -88

22. What In The … World – Ringo Starr -98

23. She Says That She Needs Me – Brian Wilson -98

24. I’m The Greatest – John Lennon -98 (1973)

Flying. A Special Show On Queen

Tonight I did send a special program on Queen. Together with me in the studio was a guy called Tom Gyllhamn, who knows very much of their songs and carrier. It was pleasant to have him as a guest in this show.

We played and talked about songs from every album that Queen has released. And we started from the beginning at the year 1973. We started with the opening track called ”Keep Yourself Alive”. And then we played a song written by Brian May and Tim Staffell.

When Brian May wanted to start a rock group in the sixties, he first got in contact with Roger Taylor, the drummer. Then they got in contact with a bass player and singer called Tim Staffell. They called themselves Smile and got a record deal. The company released a single in USA without any success. Staffell wanted to make his own solo carrier, so he left the group. But he said that he knew a guy who could replace him. That was Freddie Mercury. They had audditions to find a good bass player. Finally they found John Deacon and formed the group Queen. On the first album the recorded a song called ”Doing All Right”. That song was written by Brian May and Tim Staffell. And that is the only song Staffell contributed to the albums of Queen. 

Next year they recorded two albums. ”Queen II” and ”Sheer Heart Attack”. And on the later album was a song called ”Killer Queen”, which became their first big hit.

The year after they went into the studio to record what was to be the break through in the music world for them. It was ”A Night At The Opera”. Because on that album they had this song called ”Bohemian Rhapsody”. That song was to be one of their biggest hit in their carrier.

From 1976 and forward on Queen continued to record albums and to perform all over the world. They performed until 1986. Did an enormous show at The Wembley Arena, and stopped at Knebworth the same year.

In 1987 it was to be known for some people that Freddie Mercury suffered from AIDS. But he didn’t want to announce that. He just wanted to record new songs. So in 1989 and in 1991 they made two great albums called ”The Miracle” and ” Innuendo”. The last track on the last album with Freddie Mercury was called ”The Show Must Go On”, which he really wanted. But on November 24 1991 he died.

In 1995 the three reamaning members of Queen recorded an album with some new tracks, but also put on some tracks with Freddie that had been recorded earlier but hadn’t been released. That album was called ”Made In Heaven”. Two years later John Deacon said that he would stop to play music. He sold his instruments and retired.

In the year 2008 a new album was released by Queen. But they called themselves Queen + Paul Rodgers. He had been member of some other known groups earlier, Bad Company and Free. The album they released was called ”Cosmos Rocks” and was a new era in the carrier of the remaining members of Queen.

Next week I will continue with a normal show. Will play music from the years 1988, 1998 and 2008.

Kenneth Thörnfeldt


Radio Eskilstuna 92.7  

Tracks From Flying 2009-05-24. Special on Queen

1. Keep Yourself Alive – Queen

2. Doing All Right – Queen

3. Seven Seas Of Rhye – Queen II

4. Killer Queen – Sheer Heart Attack

5. Bohemian Rhapsody – A Night At The Opera

6. Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To…) – A Night At The Opera

7. Long Away – A Day At The Races

8. It’s Late – News Of The World

9. Dead On Time – Jazz

10. Crazy Little Thing Called Love – The Game

11. The Hero – Flash Gordon (Soundtrack)

12. Las Palabras De Amor – Hot Space

13. Under Pressure – Hot Space (With David Bowie)

14. It’s A Hard Life – The Works

15. Radio Ga Ga – The Works

16. Who Wants To Live Forever – A Kind Of  Magic

17. Was It All Worth It – The Miracle

18. Show Must Go On – Innuendo

19. Let Me Live – Made In Heaven

20. Call Me – Cosmos Rocks (Queen + Paul Rodgers)

21. Barcelona – Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé

22. God Save The Queen – A Night At The Opera

Flying LXIII 1968 and 1978 17/5 -09 Program 1

Tonight another group was put on the galleri of groups that I play in Flying. And that was Creedence Clearwater Revival. They realised their first album in 1968. I played the first three tracks from that album tonight. Only one of them was written by John Fogerty, ”The working man”.

Pink Floyd still realised singles in 1968. I played both sides of the first single from that year. I also played the first track from their second album A Saucerful Of Secrets. And one track was also played from the first solo album by David Gilmour, realised in 1978.

The first single realised by The Beatles in 1968 was ”Lady Madonna”. I played that and the flip side ”The Inner Light”. Written and sung by George Harrison. In 1978 both Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney realised solo albums, even if Paul did it with his group Wings. I played some tracks from those albums as well.

Queen realised the album Jazz in 1978. Three tracks from that album was heard tonight.

I played the flip side of the 10cc hit ”Dreadlock Holiday”. It was called ”Nothing can move me”. And Graham Gouldman realised his first album in 1968. It was called The Graham Gouldman Thing. I played two tracks from that album.

The members of ABBA started their recording carrier in the sixties. Agnetha and Frida as solo artist. And Benny and Björn in other groups. I played several tracks from their albums from 1968 tonight.

Next Sunday will be a special program on Queen. I will play tracks from all of their studio albums. And I’m going to have a guest who knows a lot of that group. So have a nice week and tune in Radio Eskilstuna 92.7 next Sunday at 7.30 pm Swedish time.

Tracks From Flying 2009-05-17 1968, 1978 Program 1

1. I Put A Spell On You – Creedence Clearwater Revival -68

2. Deafinitely – David Gilmour -78

3. Monkey See – Monkey Do – Ringo Starr -78

4. Backwards Traveler/Cuff Link – Paul McCartney/Wings -78

5. Fun It – Queen -78

6. Nothing Can Move Me – 10cc -78

7. It Would Be So Nice – The Pink Floyd -68

8. Lady Madonna – The Beatles -68

9. Jag Var Så Kär – Agnetha Fältskog -68

10. Simsalabim – Anni-Frid Lyngstad -68

11. It’s Been A Long Long Time – The Hep Stars -68

12. Så Länge Du Älskar Är Du Ung – Hootenanny Singers -68

13. The Impossible Years – The Graham Gouldman Thing -68

14. Belles Of Paris – The Beach Boys -78

15. The Working Man – Creedence Clearwater Revival -68

16. Deliver Your Children – Paul McCartney/Wings -68

17. The Inner Light – The Beatles -68

18. Leaving Home Ain’t Easy – Queen -78

19. Julia Dream – The Pink Floyd -68

20. Jag Har Förlorat Dig – Agnetha Fältskog -68

21. Vi Möts Igen – Anni-Frid Lyngstad -68

22. Sagan Om Lilla Sofi – The Hep Stars -68

23. Meant For You – The Beach Boys -68

24. Bus Stop – The Graham Gouldman Thing -68

25. Pitter Patter – The Beach Boys -78

26. Let There Be More Light – Pink floyd -68

27. More Of That Jazz – Queen -78

28. Suzie Q – Creedence Clearwater Revival -68

Flying. A Special Celebration Of Graham Gouldman

Tonight’s show concentrated on one special artist. That was Graham Gouldman who celebrated his 63rd birthday this day. I played songs written by him and performed by him both before, during and after his membership in 10cc.

The albums I played the songs from was as follows:

The Graham Gouldman Thing/-68

And Another Thing…/-00

Clever Clogs/-08

Sheet Music/-74

The Original Soundtrack/-75

How Dare You!/-76

Deceptive Bends/-77

Bloody Tourists/-78


Look Hear?/-80


Ten Out Of 10/-81

Magnetic Heaven/-86

American English/-87

Mirror Mirror/-95


If you have any questions regarding these albums you are welcome to ask. It was nice to offer all these songs by GG on his birthday. There will be more songs by him later on in shows to come in the future.

Kenneth Thörnfeldt


Radio Eskilstuna 92.7

Tracks From Flying 2009-05-10 Celebration of Graham Gouldman

1. You Stole My Love – Graham Gouldman/-00

2. For Your Love – The Yardbirds/-65/Graham Gouldman & 10cc/-08

3. Look Through Any Window – The Hollies/-65

4. Bus Stop – The Hollies/-66/Graham Gouldman & 10cc/-08

5. No Milk Today – Herman’s Hermits/Graham Gouldman & 10cc/-08

6. Pamela Pamela – Graham Gouldman/-68

7. The Sacro-Iliac – 10cc/-74

8. Channel Swimmer – 10cc/-75

9. Iceberg – 10cc/-76

10. Marriage Bureau Rendez-Vous – 10cc/-77

11. Honeymoon with B Troop – 10cc/-77

12. Dreadlock Holiday – 10cc/-78

13. From Rochdale To Ocho Rios – 10cc/-78

14. Sunburn – Graham Gouldman/-79

15. I Hate To Eat Alone – 10cc/-80

16. Go For It – Graham Gouldman/-80

17. Survivor – 10cc/-81

18. We’ve Heard It All Before – 10cc/-81

19. Right Between The Eyes – Wax/-86

20. Bridge To Your Heart – Wax/-87

21. Ready To Go Home – 10cc/-95

22. Heart Full Of Soul – Graham Gouldman/-00

23. Johnny Hurts – GG/06/-06

24. The Break-Up Of 10cc – Graham Gouldman/-00

25. Love’s Not For Me (Rene’s Song) – Graham Gouldman/-80

Flying LXII 1967, 1977, 1987, 1997 and 2007 3/5 -09 Program 3

Tonight I finished the years ending with the figure 7 for this time. I played tracks with the members from ABBA as solo artists, or as members in other groups. Björn Ulvaeus started his carrier in Hootenanny Singers and Benny Andersson in The Hep Stars. Both in the sixties. Frida or Anni-Frid which is her real name started as a solo artist singing in Swedish, and Agnetha did the same. But tonight I played a track with her after the break up of ABBA when she did solo records in English.

From The Beatles we heard ”Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and ”With A Little Help From My Friends”. I also played solo tracks by Paul, George and Ringo. But not John.

The Beach Boys released the album Love You in -77. From that album I played two tracks. The first, a short one, Brian Wilson had written together with Roger McGuinn, the former member of The Byrds.

Pink Floyd, or The Pink Floyd which was their name in the beginning released two singles before the made their first album. I played the single ”See Emily Play” and one track from their debut album The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. I also played a track from the album A Momentary Laps Of Reason from -87. Roger Waters had left the group by then and released a solo album the same year. I played one track from that album, too.

Finally I played a track by 10cc. And also some tracks from the latest solo album by Eric Stewart, Wax with Graham Gouldman and The Mindbenders in which Eric was a member. The song we heard from that group was written by Graham.

I didn’t play anything by Queen tonight. I will come back to them in a fortnight. Next Sunday the 10 of May I will concentrate the whole show on Graham Gouldman who will be 64 years old that day. I will play and talk about music with him before, during and after 10cc.

Kenneth Thörnfeldt, Flying, Radio Eskilstuna 92.7

Tracks From Flying 2009-05-03 1967, 1977, 1987, 1997, 2007 Program 3

1. En Sång En Gång För Längesen – Hootenanny Singers -67

2. Ding Dang – The Beach Boys -77

3. Back On My Feet – Paul McCartney -97

4. Du Frälste Mig I Sista Stund – BAO/Helen Sjöholm -07

5. See Emily Play – The Pink Floyd -67

6. Out On The Streets – Ringo Starr -77

7. I Wasn’t The One (Who Said Goodbye) – Agnetha Fältskog/Peter Cetera -87

8. Looking For You – Paul McCartney -97

9. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles -67

10. With A Little Help From My Friends – The Beatles -67

11. You’ve Got A Cold – 10cc -77

12. Can’t Get Enough – Eric Stewart/10cc -09

13. Bridge To Your Heart – Wax -87

14. Schoolgirl – The Mindbenders -67

15. Du Är Så Underbart Rar – Anni-Frid Lyngstad -67

16. Like You Used To Do – The Hep Stars -67

17. Lottis Schottis – Benny Andersson/Orsa Spelmän -87

18. The Dogs Of War – Pink Floyd -87

19. Me Or Him – Roger Waters -87

20. Shanghai Surprise – George Harrison/Vicki Brown -87

21. Pow. R Toc.H – The Pink Floyd -67

22. Ever Present Past – Paul McCartney -07

23. Can She Do It Like She Dances – Ringo Starr -77

24. Solar System – The Beach Boys -77

25. Din – Anni-Frid Lyngstad -67

26. Födelsedagsvals Till Mona – Benny Andersson/Orsa Spelmän -87