Flying LXI 1987, 1997 and 2007 26/4 -09 Program 2

Tonight I started the show with a special edition of a song by George Harrison called ”When We Was Fab”. It had a reverse ending, and could only be found on the maxi-single released in 1987 from the album Cloud Nine. I also played the flip side, ”Zig Zag”, and the song ”Shanghai Surprise”, which both appeared in the movie ”Shanghai Surprise” with Madonna and Sean Penn. A not so succesful movie made by George Harrison’s movie company Handmade Films. That company also produced The Monthy Python movie ”Life Of Brian”.

Paul McCartney has continued to release albums and singles since the break-up of The Beatles. Tonight I played songs with him from -87, -97 and -07.

George Harrison produced an album with Ravi Shankar, the great sitar master in 1997, called Chants Of India. I played one song from that album.

Pink Floyd were back in 1987 with a new album after the retirement of Roger Waters. It was a great album called ”A Momentary Laps of Reason”. Richard Wright, the keyborad-player, was back instead. And they started a new world tour when they had released that album. Roger Waters on the other hand released his second solo album the same year called ”Radio K.A.O.S”. A strange album with a radio dj talking to a computer voice between the tracks. I played two songs each from these albums tonight.

Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys started his solo carrier in 1987 with a single. The song ”Let’s Go To Heaven In My Car” could be heard in the movie ”Police Academy 4”. I played that song and the flip side. I also played two tracks from the album ”The Wilsons”, which was an album by Brian’s daughters Carnie and Wendy. Brian co-wrote some of the songs for that album, and he also sang on those together with his daughters.

The members of ABBA continued to release solo album after the break up in 1982. Benny Andersson made folk music and music for the elder generation. But they are nice to listen to anyway. Agnetha Fältskog released her third solo album, ”I Stand Alone”, in 1987 after the break up of ABBA. And Frida Lyngstad had released her third album the year before. I played tracks from all of them tonight. Another Swedish female singer, Marie Fredriksson from Roxette, sang together with Frida on one song.

The English group 10cc were on hold between 1983 and 1992. But both Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman made music with other artists during that time. Tonight I played two tracks from the album ”American English” with the group called Wax which had the members Graham Gouldman and Adrew Gold. I also played one track with Eric Stewart from his latest album, ”Viva La Difference”, released in January this year.

There were no songs by Queen, John Lennon, Ringo Starr or The Beach Boys tonight. They didn’t release any records during the years -87, -97 and 07. But I will play songs by them in the next program.

Kenneth Thörnfeldt


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Tracks From Flying 2009-04-26 1987, 1997, 2007 Program 2

1. When We Was Fab – George Harrison -87

2. Young Boy – Paul McCartney -97

3. Omkaaraaya Namaha – Ravi Shankar -97

4. Signs Of Life – Pink Floyd -87

5. Radio Waves – Roger Waters -87

6. Let’s Go To Heaven In My Car – Brian Wilson -87

7. Monday Without You – The Wilsons -87

8. Inledningsvisa – Benny Andersson -87

9. The Last Time – Agnetha Fältskog -87

10. Alla Mina Bästa År – Frida Lyngstad/Marie Fredriksson -87

11. Marsch Pannkaka – BAO -07

12. American English – Wax -87

13. Sleep At Night – Eric Stewart/10cc -09

14. Zig Zag – George Harrison -87

15. Once Upon A Long Ago – Paul McCartney -87

16. Learning To Fly – Pink Floyd -87

17. Who Needs Information – Roger Waters -87

18. Too Much Sugar – Brian Wilson -87

19. Everything I Need – The Wilsons -87

20. Little White Secrets – Agnetha Fältskog -87

21. För Dig – BAO/Helen Sjöholm/Tommy Körberg -07

22. In Some Other World – Wax -87

23. Dance Tonight – Paul McCartney -07

24. Shanghai Surprise – George Harrison/Vicki Brown -87

Flying LX 1967, 1977 and 1987 19/4 -09 Program 1

Tonight I started with Pink Floyd, or The Pink Floyd which were their real name at the beginning. They released their first single Arnold Layne in March -67. I also played the flip side, Candy and the currant bun. That track had another name first. Let’s roll another one. But the record company, EMI, didn’t aprove to that, of course.

The Beatles first single -67 was of course Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane. Those tracks were intended to be on the next album. But Brian Epstein, their manager, wanted a hit record, so they released those songs as a double-sided single.

Brian Wilson competed with Lennon/Mccartney in the sixties to be the best song writer. He had started the new Beach Boys album. But it was delayed for different reasons. And in the end The Beach Boys abandoned that album which should have been Smile. Instead they released Smiley Smile with some new tracks. That album was not that good, which made Beach Boys less popular. And the music direction went other ways at the end of the sixties, which Beach Boys didn’t cope with. But they continues to produce albums throughout the seventies anyway. And in -87 they made a song together with Little Richard which was the lead tune for a film called The Telephone. The name of the song was Happy Endings.

In -67 The Mindbenders with Eric Stewart released their last album before they broke up. With woman in mind was the title of that album. Also in -67 one of the female singers of ABBA started her solo carrier. That was Frida. Or Anni-Frid Lyngstad, which was her real name in those days.

I played songs by both Queen and 10cc from -77. This year 10cc only had two members left since Kevin Godley and Lol Creme had left. But Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman continued as 10cc until 1995 when they went different ways.

Ringo Starr from The Beatles released two albums in -77. The first one was a common solo album, and it was a flop. Ringo tried to do disco which wasn’t so good for him. He also recorded eight tracks for a cartoon movie which never went up on the screen. The soundtrack, Scouse the Mouse ,however, was released but vanished quickley which has made it a collector item hard to find.

I also played tracks from the groups Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus from ABBA started in. The name of those groups were The Hep Stars and Hootenanny Singers. Benny played organ on a track I played tonight with Hootenanny Singers, and that was the first time he and Björn recorded together.

I ended tonight’s show with a different version of the ABBA song Thank you for the music. It was made in a Doris Day style and was reworked as they didn’t think that it was good enough. But it’s nice to hear the difference today.

Next Sunday I will continue with the years -87, -97 and 07 with more music from the artists that was heard tonight. I hope you liked it and that you will come back. And on Thursday the 23 I will do an ABBA special. On that day it’s exactly 30 years since they released the album Voulez-vous. So I and David Lyning will play and talk about it as a special for all you ABBA-fans around the world.

Kenneth Thörnfeldt

Tracks From Flying 2009-04-22 1967, 1977, 1987 Program 1

1. Arnold Layne – The Pink Floyd -67

2. Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles -67

3. Heroes And Villains – The Beach Boys -67

4. Happy Endings – The Beach Boys/Little Richard -87

5. Fight From The Inside – Queen -77

6. To Be Or Not To Be – The Mindbenders -67

7. Modern Man Blues – 10cc -77

8. Word Of The Mouth – Eric Stewart/10cc -09

9. Got My Mind Set On You – George Harrison -87

10. Penny Lane – The Beatles -67

11. Gave It All Up – Ringo Starr -77

12. I Know A Place – Ringo Starr -77

13. Roller Skating Child – The Beach Boys -77

14. Blomman – Hootenanny Singers -67

15. Malaika – The Hep Stars -67

16. En Ledig Dag – Anni-Frid Lyngstad -67

17. I’m A Marionette – ABBA -77

18. Candy And A Currant Bun – The Pink Floyd -67

19. Vegetables – The Beach Boys -67

20. Get Down, Make Love – Queen -77

21. Honey And Wine – The Mindbenders -67

22. Honeymoon With B Troop – 10cc -77

23. Peter, Kom Tillbaka – Anni-Frid Lyngstad -67

24. Början Till Slutet – Hootenanny Singers -67

25. She Will Love You – The Hep Stars -67

26. Sleeping On The Sidewalk – Queen -77

27. S.O.S. – Ringo Starr -77

28. Thank You For The Music (Doris Day Version) – ABBA -77

Flying LIX 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996 and 2006 12/4 -09 Program 3

The Beatles Started tonight’s show with a John Lennon song released in 1996 by Paul, George and Ringo for the ”Anthology 2” album. John had made a demo of it 1980, but never released by him. The Beatles also played Taxman from their album ”Revolver”. A song written and sung by George Harrison.

John Lennon was killed in 1980. But his wife and widow Yoko Ono released left-over tracks with him after his death. In 1986 she released the album ”Menlove Avenue”. I played two songs from that album.

Paul McCartney released the album ”Press To Play” in 1986. From that album we heard the song Good Times Coming/Feel the Sun.

Ringo Starr came out with the album ”Ringo’s Rotogravure” in 1976. That album ended with a funny little piece called Spooky Weirdness. I played that thing tonight for a laugh.

The members of 10cc did things with other groups before and after the years of that group. Graham Gouldman formed a group in the eighties called Wax. From their first album called ”Magnetic Heaven” I played two songs. Graham Gouldman came back in 2006 with a group called GG/06 which he formed together with another former member of 10cc, Kevin Godley. They played two songs. Those songs can only be bought on download if you are interested. I will play the remaining four songs later on.

Eric Stewart came out with the album ”Viva La Difference” in January this year. I played one song from that album. I also played two song by The Mindbenders, which was the first group Eric Stewart recorded with.

The Beach Boys with Brian Wilson came out with the album ”Pet Sounds” in 1966. That album is considered to be one of the best albums ever made in rock history. I played one song from that album. I also played a song from the album ”15 Big Ones” released in 1976.

Quenn came out with the album ”A Kind Of Magic” in 1986. They played two songs from that album tonight.

Last year Pink Floyd received The Polar Prize in Stockholm, Sweden. Roger Waters and Nick Mason were there to get the prise. This was at the end of August. What we didn’t know at that moment was that Richard Wright was dying from cancer. He sadly died the 15 of September 2008. Tonight I played one song from his solo album ”Broken China”, released in 1996. He also contributed on David Gilmour’s album ”On An Island” released in 2006. I played one song from that album. These two former members of Pink Floyd also did a live performance that year of the first song that group released as a single in 1967, Arnold Layne, written by Syd Barrett.

Frida Lyngstad and Agnetha Fältskog, the two female singers in ABBA continued to release solo albums after the split of that group in 1982. I played one song each from their solo albums.

Björn Ulvaes and Benny Andersson, the male members of ABBA met in 1966 for the first time. Björn, who was a member of Hootenanny Singers then wrote some songs in English which they recorded. Benny liked one of them so he took it to his group The Hep Stars. That group did a cover of it the same year. The song was No Time.

The Hep Stars also did a cover of a Beach Boys song, Hawaii. Benny was influensed very much by Brian Wilson who wrote that song.

Next Sunday I will continue with the years -67, -77, 87, 97  and 2007.

Tracks From Flying 2009-04-12 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996, 2006 Program 3

1. Real Love – The Beatles -96

2. Barry’s Shoes – GG/06 -06

3. Seventh Son – The Mindbenders -66

4. Ball And Chain – Wax -86

5. We’re Not Alone – Eric Stewart/10cc -09

6. Good Times Coming/Feel The Sun – Paul McCartney -86

7. Since My Baby Left Me – John Lennon -86

8. Spooky Weirdness – Ringo Starr -76

9. Taxman – The Beatles -66

10. That’s Not Me – The Beach Boys -66

11. T M Song – The Beach Boys -76

12. One Year Of Love – Queen -86

13. Hidden Fear – Richard Wright -96

14. The Blue – David Gilmour -06

15. Även En Blomma – Frida Lyngstad -96

16. No Time – Hootenanny Singers -66

17. No Time – The Hep Stars -66

18. Hawaii – The Hep Stars -66

19. Fly Like The Eagle – Agnetha Fältskog/Ola Håkansson -86

20. Hooligan Crane – GG/06 -06

21. To Know Her Is To Love Her – John Lennon -86

22. One Fine Day – The Mindbenders -66

23. Systematic – Wax -86

24. Pain Is So Close To Pleasure – Queen -86

25. Arnold Layne – David Gilmour/Richard Wright -06

Flying LVIII 1986, 1996 and 2006 5/4 -09 Program 2

Tonight’s show started with a special wish from a close friend. She wanted to hear The Beatles and From Me To You. So, you may have wishes as well. Send a comment and a song wish and I’ll play it if I have it.

It was celebration time as well tonight. Agnetha Fältskog of ABBA had her birthday today. She was born in the Swedish town Jönköping in 1950 where she was brought up and started her singing carrier in the sixties. I played some tracks with her, both solo, with ABBA and a duet together with Ola Håkansson who used to be the  leadsinger in the succesful group Secret Service in the eighties.

In 1996 Carl Perkins, the father of rock’n’roll, released his last album. He died in 1998. On this album called ”Go Cat Go” he did some duets. Three of them were together with former member of The Beatles, which makes this album unique. He sang together with Paul, George and Ringo. Even John has a song on this album. He did a live version of Blue Suede Shoes in Toronto in 1969.

Queen released one of their best studio albums in 1986 called ”A Kind Of Magic”.  I played two songs from that album. The first one, One Vision, was the concert opener during what was to be the last tour when Freddie Mercury was still alive.

Paul McCartney released an album in 1986 called ”Press To Play”. Eight of the tracks from that album he wrote together with Eric Stewart from 10cc. I played one of those tracks tonight which was the first on the album called Stranglehold.

Another track from Eric Stewart’s latest album was played tonight. And it was the title track called Viva La Difference.

Graham Gouldman of 10cc created another rock group during the eighties together with Andrew Gold. The group was called Wax. The album they released in 1986 was called ”Magnetic Heaven”. And from that album I played three tracks.

Frida Lyngstad, the other female singer of ABBA, released her latest album in 1996 called ”Djupa Andetag”. In English that would be ”Deep Breath”. She sang all the songs in Swedish. And I played two of them tonight.

David Gilmour, the guitarist of Pink Floyd, released his latest studio album in 2006 called ”On An Island”. I played two tracks from that one. On the second one, which was the title track, he got some vocal help from Graham Nash and David Crosby. Even Richard Wright, the keyboard-player of Pink Floyd was playing on that track.

Richard Wright, who joined David Gilmour on his latest tour, released what was to be his last solo album in 1996. I played two tracks from that album. Richard Wright tragically died in cancer in September last year.

George Michael is not among the artists I play in this radio show. But tonight I did an exception. He re-recorded a song he had made before called Heal The Pain. And this time he did it with Paul McCartney. The song was taken from a compilation album called ”Twentyfive” released in 2006.

Tracks From Flying 2009-04-05 1986, 1996, 2006 Program 2

1. From Me To You – The Beatles -63

2. Thank You For The Music (Doris Day Version) – ABBA -77

3. Distance Makes No Difference – Carl Perkins/George Harrison -96

4. Rock’n’Roll People – John Lennon -86

5. One Vision – Queen -86

6. I Won’t Let You Go – Agnetha Fältskog -85

7. Stranglehold – Paul McCartney -86

8. Viva La Difference – Eric Stewart -09

9. Shadows Of Love – Wax -86

10. Älska Mig – Frida Lyngstad -96

11. Castellorizon – David Gilmour -06

12. Breaking Water – Richard Wright -96

13. Heal The Pain – George Michael/Paul McCartney -06

14. Angel Baby – John Lennon -86

15. Honey Don’t – Carl Perkins/Ringo Starr -96

16. A Kind Of Magic – Queen -86

17. The Way You Are – Agnetha Fältskog/Ola Håkansson -86

18. Marie Claire – Wax -86

19. Ögonen – Frida Lyngstad -96

20. On An Island – David Gilmour -06

21. Night Of A Thousand Furry Toys – Richard Wright -96

22. My Old Friend – Carl Perkins/Paul McCartney -96

23. The Winner Takes It All – ABBA -80